The Benefits Of Beta Waves With Solfeggio Frequencies

The Benefits Of Beta Waves With Solfeggio Frequencies

The Benefits Of Beta Waves With Solfeggio Frequencies

Beta waves are present when we are alert and focused, making decisions or performing tasks that require attention and mental energy. These brain waves allow us to process information and form memories, as well as control our emotions. In addition to the mental benefits of beta waves, they can also improve memory recall and boost creativity. 

In this article, we look at ways to use the power of technology to supercharge your meditation by exploring beta waves combined with Solfeggio frequencies. Find out how these special patterns of sound can help you relax, learn, reach your goals faster and elevate you to higher states of consciousness! 

The process of using beta waves with Solfeggio frequencies is highly effective, as it combines the benefits of both. Beta waves can help us to stay in a heightened state of alertness and focus, while Solfeggio frequencies have been used for centuries to promote healing and spiritual growth. Together, they create an atmosphere where our minds are prepared to draw in the maximum amount of positive energy.

When beta waves with Solfeggio frequencies are played through speakers or headphones, they can produce a sound that encourages an alert hypnotic meditative state. In this environment, we can more easily connect with higher levels of consciousness and reach our spiritual goals faster.

By combining the mental clarity provided by beta waves with the healing energies from Solfeggio frequencies, we can experience deeper states of meditation that give us access to our higher selves so that we can unlock our full potential. Through regular practice utilizing this technology, we can remove mental blockages that prevent us from achieving success and strengthen our relationship with ourselves and the Universe around us. 

In short, beta waves with Solfeggio frequencies are an incredibly powerful combination that can help us tap into unseen realms of awareness. By taking the time to explore this technology and its benefits, we can find ourselves in a state of greater mental clarity and spiritual connection that can bring about long-lasting growth and transformation.

What are Beta Waves?

Beta waves are the frequency range between 13Hz and 30Hz , during which the brain is most active. They are generally associated with a high degree of mental alertness and activity.

Beta waves are associated with the everyday state of consciousness and are responsible for our conscious thoughts and actions. Beta waves allow us to think logically, plan, and communicate clearly. Beta waves also play a role in attention and focus, allowing us to stay on task and complete tasks with accuracy. Beta waves are the most commonly occurring brain wave frequency and are associated with various states of mental activity.

Aside from its mental benefits, research has shown that using brainwave entrainment technology like binaural beats and isochronic tones to access and activate certain brain wave frequencies can help individuals improve their mental clarity and focus naturally without any effort involved. 

So, if you’re looking to focus and stay in the present moment or complete tasks with clarity, consider using binaural beats to enter a relaxed state.

The benefits of beta waves

The benefits of beta waves are many. By stimulating beta activity, we can increase alertness, focus, mental clarity, and concentration. Beta waves can also improve memory and cognitive function. Additionally, they can increase our ability to process information and make decisions. Each beta wave has its special set of benefits and targets different areas of the brain.

As the dominant frequency during daytime activities, beta waves are associated with alertness, focus, and concentration. Among the benefits of beta waves are enhanced clarity, higher IQ scores, better short-term memory, and improved task performance. However, over using beta frequencies can lead to anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It is wise to use beta waves in moderation during the early hours of the day.

At Musical Hypnosis we have designed collections of binaural beats and isochronic tones of beta waves combined with the ancient and sacred Solfeggio healing frequencies. You will find the nine Solfeggio healing frequencies and we also include the 432Hz Universal Healing frequency in each collection:

Beta 13Hz is a frequency associated with the brow chakra, pituitary gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system. It enhances creative visualization and promotes the conceptualization of new ideas.

Beta 14Hz is the 2nd of 7 Schumann Resonances. It is a frequency that triggers focused alertness, enhances intelligence in conjunction with frequency 22.0Hz and aids in concentration to complete tasks. It is also a frequency that enhances audio-visual stimulation and vitality.

Beta 15Hz is a frequency used for chronic pain, capillary formation, fibroblast proliferation and decreased skin necrosis. It is also associated with the Crown chakra, pineal gland, upper brain and the right eye. It assists the personality to integrate with the spiritual self.

Beta 16Hz is a frequency that releases oxygen and calcium into the cells. It is also the bottom limit of normal hearing.

Beta 16.4Hz is a frequency of spirit, liberation and transcendence. This frequency is associated with the top of the head.

Beta 18Hz is a frequency where the listener remains fully awake in a normal state of alertness. This frequency significantly improves memory, reading and spelling skills in conjunction with frequency 10Hz. It is also associated with mental activity like math and planning. In addition this frequency has been found to improve stress, anxiety and hyperactive behavior.

Beta 20Hz is the 3rd frequency of the 7 Schumann Resonances and is an energizing frequency. It stimulates the pineal gland, helps with tinnitus and is an adrenal stimulant used on sinus disorders, head colds and headaches. This frequency also triggers the thought center and helps impose subconscious commands on another. In addition it is also a commonly used “cure all” Rife Frequency.

Beta 22Hz when used in conjunction with frequency 14Hz enhances intelligence and promotes audio-visual stimulation. This frequency is also used for psychic healing and assists in “out of body” travel when paired with Gamma 40Hz.

Beta 25Hz is a frequency that bypasses the eyes and allows images to be imprinted in the visual cortex part of the brain. This frequency has also been clinically tested for patients who suffer from anxiety.

Beta 26.4Hz is an “Earth Resonance” frequency and it enhances astral projection.

Beta 27Hz falls into the Beta Range that cats purr at. This frequency range is said to have restorative effects on the body, particularly in healing and strengthening bones.

Beta 30Hz is a frequency that corresponds to the neurochemical GABA and is associated with sedation and tranquility as established by Dr. Meg Patterson. This frequency also mimics the effects of Marijuana.

If you are looking for a more holistic approach to improve your mental clarity, mood, and well-being, try using beta waves combined with other natural strategies such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and positive thinking. Doing this can help you achieve greater balance in your life, enhancing both your mental and physical health.

How to meditate with beta waves

Beta waves are associated with a state of alertness and focus. When you meditate with beta waves, you can expect to feel more awake and aware. This type of meditation is often used to improve concentration and mental clarity.

To meditate with beta waves, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you breathe in and out, imagine your breath moving through your body from your head to your toes. Try to focus on the sensation of your breath moving through your body.

As you focus on your breath, you may notice that your mind starts to wander. When this happens, simply bring your attention back to your breath. Continue to focus on your breath until you feel calm and relaxed.  

Once you reach a state of peace and clarity, it may be helpful to use a mantra or affirmation. Repeat the mantra in your mind with each breath to help anchor your focus and deepen your meditation.

You will access the beta waves more effectively and much quicker with the help of meditation sound waves. When you activate the correct brain wave frequencies during meditation you achieve results faster. Happy meditating!

What are Solfeggio frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies are ancient healing tones that are special electromagnetic frequencies and when tuned correctly they stimulate, promote and activate a profound healing effect in the conscious and subconscious mind and have an incredible transformational effect on the body. 

The sound frequencies were used in Gregorian chants, one of which was the great hymn of St. John the Baptist. The special tones of the Solfeggio frequencies were used to unite man with the Creator. They did this by undoing all the physical, mental, karmic and spiritual conditions that cause separation from the source of all.

The benefits of the 9 Solfeggio frequencies

This ancient Solfeggio scale has the potential to heal emotional trauma, unlock spiritual consciousness, deepen relationships, and even alter DNA.

174Hz Solfeggio Frequency Is A Natural Anesthetic, It Relieves Physical And Emotional Pain And Heals The Aura: 174Hz reduces pain physically, energetically, emotionally and karmically. This frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, encouraging them to do their best.

    • Relieves Back Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Lower Back Pain, Migraine Headaches And Stress
    • Penetrates Brain Tissues Quickly
    • Heal Emotional Wounds
    • Encourages Safety, Love, Courage And A Strong Sense Of Stability
    • Increases Concentration
    • Gives Sense Of Emotional Well Being

285Hz Solfeggio Frequency Rejuvenates And Regenerates Tissues And Enhances The Immune System: 285Hz is connected to our body, mind and soul’s blueprint for optimal health and physical well-being. This tone helps to heal tissue and brings them to the original form because it remembers their original blueprint and sends a message to the cells to restructure the damaged organs and tissues. It helps in rapid healing of burns, fracture, sprains, cuts, and other injuries. It also enhances the immune system. Energy healers prefer this frequency to work with to heal the auric field.

    • Rejuvenates, Heals And Regenerates Damaged Internal Organs And Tissues
    • Influences And Heals The Energy Field Around You And Your Auric Field
    • Influences The Energy Field Around Your Home
    • Rapid Healings Of Burns, Cuts, Fractures, Sprains, And Other Injuries
    • Enhances The Immune System
    • Increases Energy, Safety And Survival

396Hz Solfeggio Frequency Turns Grief Into Joy And Liberates Us Of Guilt And Fear From Deep Within: The 396Hz frequency liberates and cleanses a person from feelings of fear and guilt. It clears and releases a person’s past sexual trauma’s and repairs energetic issues around one’s sexuality. This frequency also helps to eliminate subconscious negative beliefs that have been blocking the paths to achieving your goals and dreams.

    • Gives Power To Goals And Dreams
    • Cleanses Feelings Of Guilt, Fear And Worry Deep In The Subconscious Mind
    • Liberates Your Subconscious Mind Of Negative Thoughts
    • Turns Grief Into Joy
    • Helps You Find Inner Peace
    • This Frequency Balances The Root Chakra

417Hz Solfeggio Frequency Undoes Negative Situations And Facilitates Change On A Cellular Level: The 417Hz frequency can clear a person’s doubts about God and facilitates a connection to the source of all. This frequency is so powerful it wipes out all the negativity inside us, it cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It marks the starts of new beginnings in life. It can be used to eliminate limiting beliefs which disable a person to achieve their life goals. This frequency encourages and energizes your DNA on a cellular level to fulfill their creative potential.  It is the center of creativity, passion and manifestation.

    • Cleanses Trauma
    • Facilitates Creativity And Change In You And Others
    • Helps Manifest Goals, Dreams And Intentions
    • Removes Negative Energy From The Body And Mind
    • Breaks Up Crystallized Negative Thoughts And Behavior Patterns
    • This Frequency Balances The Sacral Chakra

528Hz Solfeggio Frequency Infuses Us With Vibrations Of Love, Creates Transformation, Produces Miracles And Helps Repair Our DNA: The 528Hz frequency is the frequency of LOVE. It brings Miracles and Transformation into a person’s life by repairing and restructuring the human DNA to its original, perfect state. This frequency is found in almost everything, ranging from the human DNA to chlorophyll. It improves self confidence, motivation and self esteem. It also increases energy, clarity of mind, awareness, creativity, ecstatic spiritual states and deep inner peace. This frequency balances the solar plexus and opens a person for deep spiritual experiences and spiritual enlightenment.

    • Manifests Love And Divine Miracles Into Your Life
    • Self Confidence, Self Esteem And Self Love
    • Returns DNA To Its Original Perfect State
    • Resonates And Connects With All Humanly And Spiritual Levels
    • Opens You To Deep Spiritual Experiences And Spiritual Enlightenment
    • This Frequency Balances The Solar Plexus Chakra

639Hz Solfeggio Frequency Re-Connects The Parts Of Our Heart That Have Been Shattered And Heals Relationships: The 639 Hz frequency is a deep and profound frequency that enables us to open ourselves up to be more intimate and vulnerable with others. It allows us to create more balanced and harmonious relationships with others by enhancing our qualities of communication, understanding, tolerance and love.

    • Attracts Love
    • Reconnects You With Loved Ones
    • Brings Harmony In Interpersonal Relationships
    • Heals Relationships With Lovers, Partners, Friends And Family
    • Enhances Communication, Tolerance, And Love
    • This Frequency Balances The Heart Chakra

741Hz Solfeggio Frequency Enhances Self Expression, Self Confidence And Finding Solutions To Problems: The 741Hz frequency allows you to speak your truth with self confidence. It acts as a repellant to anger, jealousy, lies and any negative emotion that can bring mental and emotional pain to your life. This frequency can help solve problems and awaken intuition. It also cleanses toxins and electromagnetic radiation from the cells and is used to cleanse viral infections, bacteria and fungus from the body.This frequency is helpful in leading a healthier life.

    • Allows Self Expression And Problem Solving
    • Cleanses Cells And Organs From Toxins
    • Cleanses Viral Infections, Bacteria and Fungus From The Body
    • Cleanses The Body And Home From Harmful Electromagnetic Radiations
    • Purifies Mind And Body
    • This Frequency Balances The Throat Chakra

852Hz Solfeggio Frequency Awakens Intuition And Facilitates Our Return To Spirituality And Spiritual Order: The 852Hz frequency is the frequency of PURE LOVE and unconditional love. It raises vibrational levels that allow a person to return to spiritual order. This frequency enables a person or cell to transform itself into a system of higher energy vibrations directly connected to the principle of Light. It clears up energy blockages and creates an opening  for a person to communicate with their higher self and the all encompassing Spirit.

    • Return To Spiritual Order
    • Awakens Intuition
    • Awakens Inner Strength
    • Facilitates Communication With Higher Self
    • Replaces Negative Thought With Positive Thoughts
    • This Frequency Balances The Third Eye Chakra

963Hz Solfeggio Frequency Connects Us To Our Divine Consciousness And Spiritual Oneness: The 963Hz frequency takes us to the highest planes of consciousness and connects us with the all encompassing Spirit.  When activated it awakens any system to its original source and perfect state. This frequency is connected to the Light and enables direct experience with Spirit and the return to Oneness. It awakens our crown chakra and raises the positive energy and vibrations that help us access high level intuition, telepathy, psychic vision and an intimate connection with God.

    • Divine Consciousness
    • Pure Miracle Tone
    • High Level Intuition
    • Telepathic Communication
    • Enhances Psychic Vision
    • This Frequency Balances The Crown Chakra


By combining specific sound waves we can promote healing, relaxation and calmness. Beta waves help to provide just the right balance between stimulation and relaxation. This allows the user to focus on a task without feeling overwhelmed, improving their productivity and efficiency. Solfeggio frequencies are known for their healing properties, with various studies showing that they can help relieve stress, improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety. Ultimately, the best way to reap the benefits of these types of sound waves is by meditating with them and finding what works best for you.

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