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Musical Hypnosis

Chango • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

Chango • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

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In the Yoruba tradition, Chango is intimately connected with the forces of nature, particularly lightning, thunder, and rain. These elements are seen as powerful and transformative energies that hold great healing potential. Lightning, with its brilliant flashes, represents illumination and the sudden breakthrough of understanding. It symbolizes the divine spark within us, awakening us to new perspectives and insights. Thunder, with its resounding roar, signifies strength and the power to overcome obstacles. It serves as a reminder of our inner resilience and the ability to weather life's storms. Rain, in its nourishing and cleansing nature, represents renewal and growth. It washes away negativity and brings forth rejuvenation, symbolizing the healing and purifying aspects of Chango's essence. Together, these forces of nature associated with Chango offer a profound opportunity for spiritual and emotional healing, guiding individuals towards greater self-awareness, strength, and transformation.

Here are a few ways that Chango’s essence is beneficial in positive affirmations:

Embracing Inner Strength: Chango's essence exudes strength and resilience. Affirmations reflecting his energy can empower individuals to tap into their inner strength, overcoming obstacles and challenges with unwavering determination.

Igniting Passion and Energy: Chango's association with fire symbolizes passion and energy. Affirmations resonating with his essence can ignite a fervent enthusiasm for life, inspiring individuals to pursue their goals with zeal.

Leadership and Confidence: Chango is revered as a natural leader. Affirmations embodying his essence can instill leadership qualities and boost self-confidence, empowering individuals to take charge of their lives. 

Embracing Creative Expression: Chango's energy sparks creativity and artistic expression. Affirmations that align with his essence can encourage individuals to embrace their creative side and fearlessly express themselves.

Embodying Fearlessness: Chango's bravery and fearlessness make him a symbol of courage. Affirmations reflecting his essence can help individuals confront their fears and embrace new opportunities without hesitation.

Seeking Justice and Fairness: Chango's essence is associated with justice and fairness. Affirmations embodying his energy can inspire individuals to stand up for what is right and promote equality in all aspects of life.

Fostering Positive Relationships: Chango's charisma and charm are renowned. Affirmations resonating with his essence can help individuals build positive and meaningful connections with others.

Harnessing Personal Power: Chango's thunderous energy signifies personal power. Affirmations that align with his essence can aid individuals in harnessing their own power to manifest their desires and aspirations.

Embracing Emotional Balance: Chango's fiery nature can also teach emotional balance. Affirmations reflecting his essence can guide individuals in managing their emotions effectively and finding inner equilibrium.

Embracing Celebration and Joy: Chango's presence is often associated with celebrations and joy. Affirmations that embody his essence can encourage individuals to find joy in life's moments and celebrate their achievements.


    1.Chango • 417Hz Meditation Music + Audible Affirmations | 30 Minutes

    2.Chango • 417Hz Meditation Music + Subliminal Affirmations | 30 Minutes


    Immerse yourself in the powerful essence of Chango • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations, where the deep resonance of traditional meditation music intertwines with the awe-inspiring sounds of thunder and healing rain, creating a transformative and profound experience.

    As you embark on this sonic journey, traditional meditation music sets the stage for introspection and inner exploration creating a space of tranquility and spiritual depth, allowing you to delve into the depths of your being.

    In the background, the rumbling sounds of thunder reverberate, commanding attention and igniting a sense of strength and vitality. The thunder serves as a symbol of Chango, a deity associated with power, courage, and transformation. Its presence in the composition resonates deeply within, awakening your inner warrior and igniting a fiery passion within your soul.

    Accompanying the thunder, the soothing sounds of healing rain cascade down, offering a sense of renewal, purification, and emotional release. The gentle patter of raindrops creates a serene and nurturing atmosphere, enveloping you in a comforting embrace.

    Intertwined with the music and the elemental sounds, empowering affirmations emerge, speaking directly to the essence of Chango. Each affirmation resonates with qualities such as strength, courage, and self-empowerment, encouraging you to embrace your inner fire and unleash your full potential. They merge seamlessly with the deep meditation music and the natural soundscape, amplifying their transformative impact and nurturing a sense of personal power and resilience.

    Embark on a profound journey with Chango • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations, where the deep resonance of traditional meditation music merges with the elemental forces of thunder and healing rain. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the transformative power of this composition, as it awakens your inner strength, ignites your passion, and propels you towards personal growth and empowerment.


    Solfeggio Healing Frequency 417Hz

    Undoes Negative Situations And Facilitates Change On A Cellular Level

    417Hz can clear a person’s doubts about God and facilitates a connection to the source of all. This frequency is so powerful it wipes out all the negativity inside us, it cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It marks the starts of new beginnings in life. It can be used to eliminate limiting beliefs which disable a person to achieve their life goals. This frequency encourages and energizes your DNA on a cellular level to fulfill their creative potential. It is the center of creativity, passion and manifestation.

    • Cleanses Trauma
    • Facilitates Creativity And Change In You And Others
    • Helps Manifest Goals, Dreams And Intentions
    • Removes Negative Energy From The Body And Mind
    • Breaks Up Crystallized Negative Thoughts And Behavior Patterns
    • This Frequency Balances The Sacral Chakra


        1. Chango's powerful essence ignites the fire within me, fueling my passion and drive.
        2. I embody the strength, courage, and resilience of Chango, fearlessly facing challenges and obstacles.
        3. Chango's essence empowers me to stand up for justice and fairness in all areas of my life.
        4. I embrace my leadership qualities, guided by Chango's wisdom and righteous influence.
        5. Chango's vibrant energy flows through me, inspiring my creativity and artistic expression.
        6. I am open to the transformative power of Chango, embracing change and personal growth.
        7. Chango's protective shield surrounds me, warding off negativity and ensuring my well-being.
        8. I honor the energy within me and embrace the sensuality and vitality that Chango represents.
        9. Chango's lightning illuminates my life, revealing new possibilities and paths.
        10. I celebrate life's joys and find happiness in the present moment, embodying Chango's festive spirit.
        11. Chango's essence guides me to make just and righteous decisions in all aspects of my life.
        12. I am a channel for the divine connection that Chango represents, deepening my spirituality and seeking guidance.
        13. Chango's essence infuses my creative endeavors, allowing me to express my true artistic self.
        14. I welcome the transformative power of fire into my life, releasing the old and embracing new beginnings.
        15. Chango's strength fills me, helping me overcome challenges and emerge victorious.
        16. I am protected by Chango's powerful presence, shielded from harm and negative influences.
        17. Chango's essence empowers me to embrace my leadership potential and inspire others around me.
        18. I am aligned with the passionate energy that Chango embodies, manifesting my desires with confidence and determination.
        19. Chango's wisdom guides my decision-making, leading me to righteous paths.
        20. I embrace my inner warrior, embodying Chango's courage and resilience in the face of adversity.
        21. Chango's essence awakens my senses and ignites my zest for life, living each moment to its fullest.
        22. I am open to the transformative energies of Chango, embracing personal growth and self-discovery.
        23. Chango's vibrant energy flows through my creative expression, inspiring and captivating others.
        24. I am divinely connected to Chango's guidance and wisdom, receiving clear insights and inspiration.
        25. Chango's protective presence shields me from negativity, creating a space of positivity and harmony.
        26. I celebrate the uniqueness of my being, embracing the essence of Chango within me.
        27. I trust in Chango's guidance and protection, knowing that I am always supported on my journey.
        28. Chango's essence empowers me to be a force for justice, fairness, and positive change in the world.
        29. I honor and respect the fiery energy of Chango, channeling it for the highest good of myself and others.
        30. Chango's essence flows through every aspect of my life, infusing it with passion, strength, and celebration.
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