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Musical Hypnosis

Goddess Oshun • 528Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

Goddess Oshun • 528Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

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The Goddess Oshun is intimately connected to the healing forces of nature. The rivers she embodies carry a transformative and rejuvenating energy, symbolizing the continuous flow of life's essence. Oshun's essence possesses healing properties that cleanse, purify, and restore both physically and spiritually. Just as a river's currents wash away impurities, Oshun's healing touch purges negativity and brings about a sense of renewal and vitality. Her healing forces extend beyond the physical realm, as she nurtures emotional well-being and inner beauty. Oshun's presence inspires self-love, confidence, and a deep appreciation for the inherent beauty in all aspects of existence. Through the healing forces of her rivers and her association with beauty, Oshun offers a profound connection to the healing power of nature, guiding individuals on a path of inner harmony and self-discovery.

When incorporating Oshun's essence into positive affirmations, it will amplify the following themes:

Embracing Self-Love and Acceptance: Oshun's essence embodies unconditional love. Affirmations that resonate with her energy can help individuals cultivate self-love and acceptance, embracing their unique qualities and inherent beauty.

Fostering Loving Relationships: Oshun is known as a patroness of love and relationships. Affirmations reflecting her essence can guide individuals in nurturing loving and harmonious connections with others.

Embracing Creativity and Artistry: Oshun's essence is closely tied to creativity. Affirmations that align with her energy can inspire individuals to embrace their creative impulses and express themselves through various art forms.

Abundance and Prosperity: Oshun is associated with wealth and abundance. Affirmations embodying her essence can help individuals attract prosperity and embrace the abundance present in their lives.

Embracing Inner Beauty: Oshun's beauty is revered. Affirmations that resonate with her essence can empower individuals to recognize and celebrate their inner beauty, radiating confidence and charm.

Embodying Sensuality and Femininity: Oshun's essence represents the divine feminine and sensuality. Affirmations reflecting her energy can guide women in embracing their femininity and sensuality with grace and confidence. 

Nurturing Compassion and Kindness: Oshun's loving nature extends to compassion and kindness. Affirmations that embody her essence can encourage individuals to be compassionate and kind to themselves and others.

Embracing Emotional Healing: Oshun's fresh waters symbolize emotional healing. Affirmations related to her essence can support individuals in releasing emotional wounds and finding inner peace.

Embracing Joy and Celebration: Oshun's presence is often associated with celebration and joy. Affirmations that embody her essence can encourage individuals to find joy in the little things and celebrate life's moments.

Embracing Positive Sensuality: Oshun's essence includes positive sensuality. Affirmations that align with her energy can help individuals embrace their sensuality as a natural and beautiful aspect of their being.


    1.Goddess Oshun • 528Hz Meditation Music + Audible Affirmations | 30 Minutes

    2.Goddess Oshun • 528Hz Meditation Music + Subliminal Affirmations | 30 Minutes


    Dive into the deep meditative journey of Goddess Oshun • 528Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations, where the soothing flow of a gentle river merges with the captivating frequencies and affirmations to create a truly immersive experience.

    Immerse yourself into the magic of Oshun’s essence , as the serene sounds of a flowing river transport you to a tranquil realm of tranquility and rejuvenation. The gentle ripples and cascades of water serve as a constant reminder of the ever-flowing energy of life, offering a sense of serenity and grounding.

    At the heart of this sonic journey lies the powerful 528Hz frequency, also known as the "Love Frequency" or the "Frequency of Miracles." It resonates deep within, harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit, and facilitating a profound sense of balance and harmony. Combined with the flowing river soundscape, it creates a soothing and meditative backdrop that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

    Intertwined with the melodic currents, empowering affirmations emerge, guiding you on a path of self-discovery and self-love. Each carefully crafted affirmation resonates with the essence of Goddess Oshun, embodying qualities such as love, beauty, and abundance. As the affirmations blend harmoniously with the flowing river and the uplifting frequencies, they amplify their impact, inspiring a deep sense of connection, empowerment, and inner radiance.

    Embark on a transformative journey with Goddess Oshun • 528Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations, where the tranquil sounds of a flowing river, the healing frequencies, and the empowering affirmations converge. Allow yourself to be carried away by the gentle currents, as they nurture your soul, awaken your inner goddess, and invite an abundance of love and positivity into your life.


    Solfeggio Healing Frequency 528Hz

    Infuses Us With Vibrations Of Love, Creates Transformation, Produces Miracles And Helps Repair Our DNA

    528Hz is the frequency of LOVE. It brings Miracles and Transformation into a person’s life by repairing and restructuring the human DNA to its original, perfect state. This frequency is found in almost everything, ranging from the human DNA to chlorophyll. It improves self confidence, motivation and self esteem. It also increases energy, clarity of mind, awareness, creativity, ecstatic spiritual states and deep inner peace. This frequency balances the solar plexus and opens a person for deep spiritual experiences and spiritual enlightenment.

    • Manifests Love And Divine Miracles Into Your Life
    • Self Confidence, Self Esteem And Self Love
    • Returns DNA To Its Original Perfect State
    • Resonates And Connects With All Humanly And Spiritual Levels
    • Opens You To Deep Spiritual Experiences And Spiritual Enlightenment
    • This Frequency Balances The Solar Plexus Chakra


        1. The healing powers of Goddess Oshun flow through me, restoring my mind, body, and spirit.
        2. I am open to receiving the divine healing energy of Goddess Oshun, and it transforms me from within.
        3. I embrace the healing vibrations of Oshun, allowing them to cleanse and purify my being.
        4. Oshun's healing energy revitalizes me and brings balance to every aspect of my life.
        5. I am a vessel for Oshun's healing love, and I radiate it out to others, spreading joy and positivity.
        6. Oshun's healing touch brings comfort and solace to my heart, soothing any pain or sorrow.
        7. I trust in Oshun's ability to heal any physical ailments I may have, and I am grateful for her divine intervention.
        8. Oshun's healing waters wash away any negative energy, leaving me refreshed and renewed.
        9. I align myself with Oshun's healing frequencies, and they restore harmony and well-being in my life.
        10. Oshun's healing light shines upon me, illuminating my path and guiding me towards optimal health.
        11. I am worthy of Oshun's healing blessings, and I allow them to flow freely into my life.
        12. Oshun's healing presence surrounds me, enveloping me in love and compassion.
        13. I release any resistance and invite Oshun's healing energy to penetrate every cell of my body.
        14. Oshun's healing power is limitless, and I embrace it fully, knowing it can transform any challenge I face.
        15. I am open to Oshun's divine guidance, which leads me to the right healers, therapies, and remedies.
        16. Oshun's healing touch restores my vitality, filling me with abundant energy and zest for life.
        17. I am grateful for Oshun's healing powers, which help me recover quickly and completely.
        18. Oshun's healing energy aligns my chakras, promoting a state of balance and well-being.
        19. I am surrounded by Oshun's golden light, which infuses me with healing and positive vibrations.
        20. Oshun's healing presence brings forth deep emotional healing, freeing me from past traumas and pain.
        21. I am a magnet for Oshun's healing miracles, and I attract vibrant health into my life effortlessly.
        22. Oshun's healing waters cleanse and purify my aura, removing any blockages and enhancing my spiritual growth.
        23. I am a reflection of Oshun's beauty and grace, and her healing powers manifest through me.
        24. Oshun's healing energy flows through my thoughts and intentions, bringing manifestation of my desires.
        25. I embrace Oshun's healing frequencies, and they restore my inner peace and serenity.
        26. Oshun's healing touch nurtures and nourishes my body, promoting optimal wellness and vitality.
        27. I am attuned to Oshun's healing vibrations, and they restore harmony to every aspect of my life.
        28. Oshun's healing love fills my heart with joy, gratitude, and compassion for myself and others.
        29. I trust in Oshun's ability to heal not only my physical body but also my mind and spirit.
        30. I am a vessel of Oshun's healing light, and I radiate it out into the world, bringing healing and transformation to all those around me.
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