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Musical Hypnosis

Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

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Introducing "Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" by Musical Hypnosis, a meticulously crafted auditory journey that resonates with the frequencies of abundance. This unique meditation experience elevates your practice, guiding you through a harmonious blend of soothing 417Hz frequencies, celestial harmonies, and purposeful affirmations. Immerse yourself in an enchanting realm that transcends ordinary consciousness boundaries. This composition serves as your guide to unlocking hidden prosperity and exploring your inner potential, harmonizing with the limitless universe.

The interplay of 417Hz frequencies and celestial harmonies creates a symphony vibrating with the essence of prosperity, expanding your awareness and connection to abundance. Empowering affirmations seamlessly integrated into the music serve as guiding lights, encouraging you to embrace the wealth of your consciousness and uncover profound truths within.


Harmonizing 417Hz Frequency: Immerse yourself in the soothing resonance of the 417Hz frequency, a foundational element of "Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations." This frequency is closely linked to prosperity, transformation, and positive change. It is believed to open pathways to manifesting abundance and creating a life of fulfillment and success.

Empowering Affirmations: Like guiding constellations in the night sky, affirmations within this unique composition illuminate your path toward prosperity. Painstakingly crafted to align with the frequencies and intentions of the experience, these affirmations serve as conduits between your conscious and subconscious mind, inviting you to explore the endless dimensions of your inner wealth.

Journey into Abundance: "Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" serves as a vessel that carries you into the expanses of prosperity. This auditory expedition encourages you to transcend the limits of your current circumstances, enabling you to connect with the wealth of your higher self, inner resources, and the universe's limitless offerings.

Elevated Awareness and Intuition: Through resonance with the 417Hz frequency, you can enhance your awareness and intuitive capabilities. This opens doors to perceiving opportunities, synchronicities, and insights that exist beyond the scope of the material world. The meditation music and affirmations combine to create a harmonious environment that nurtures these innate faculties.

Inner Tranquility and Equilibrium: The soothing melodies and resonant frequencies embedded in this composition create a tranquil backdrop for your journey into abundance. As you listen and meditate, you're gently guided into a state of inner calm and equilibrium, facilitating a smoother transition into the realm of prosperity and amplifying the clarity of your experiences.

Versatility in Practice: Whether you're well-versed in the art of manifesting abundance or just embarking on this transformative journey, "Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" caters to various experience levels. Integrate it seamlessly into your current meditation routine, goal-setting practice, or dedicated sessions focused on attracting prosperity, enhancing the depth and richness of your spiritual quest.


    1.Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Audible Affirmations | 30 Minutes

    2.Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Subliminal Affirmations | 30 Minutes


    "Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" is a captivating audio experience that combines celestial harmonies with the 417Hz frequency to take you on a transformative journey into the realm of abundance. Crafted by Musical Hypnosis, this sonic journey offers a unique exploration of prosperity, harmonizing with the empowering energies of 417Hz. Celestial harmonies gently elevate your awareness, guiding you beyond the physical world and into the realm of prosperity. At its core, the 417Hz frequency acts as a key to unlock the doors to abundance, inviting you to uncover your inner potential. The melodies blend seamlessly with resonant frequencies, creating an ethereal experience that mirrors the process of attracting abundance. Empowering affirmations complement the music, illuminating your path towards prosperity. "Prosperity • 417Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" is an invitation to transcend the material world, connect with affluence, and explore the depths of existence, all while experiencing a cosmic auditory adventure. Let the fusion of celestial harmonies and resonant frequencies transport you to realms of manifestation and transformation, where your spirit can thrive and transcend the boundaries of reality.


    Solfeggio Healing Frequency 417Hz

    Undoes Negative Situations And Facilitates Change On A Cellular Level

    417Hz can clear a person’s doubts about God and facilitates a connection to the source of all. This frequency is so powerful it wipes out all the negativity inside us, it cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It marks the starts of new beginnings in life. It can be used to eliminate limiting beliefs which disable a person to achieve their life goals. This frequency encourages and energizes your DNA on a cellular level to fulfill their creative potential. It is the center of creativity, passion and manifestation.

    • Cleanses Trauma
    • Facilitates Creativity And Change In You And Others
    • Helps Manifest Goals, Dreams And Intentions
    • Removes Negative Energy From The Body And Mind
    • Breaks Up Crystallized Negative Thoughts And Behavior Patterns
    • This Frequency Balances The Sacral Chakra


              1. I attract wealth effortlessly and naturally.
              2. I am open to receiving all the blessings that come my way.
              3. Opportunities for financial growth flow to me constantly.
              4. My actions align with my prosperous mindset.
              5. I trust in my ability to create a life of prosperity.
              6. I have all the resources I need to succeed.
              7. I am surrounded by positivity, success, and prosperity.
              8. I am worthy and deserving of financial stability.
              9. My financial goals are achievable and within reach.
              10. I believe in myself and my ability to achieve financial freedom.
              11. I embrace my financial successes, no matter how small they may seem.
              12. I have the power to manifest my financial dreams into reality.
              13. My financial situation improves every day.
              14. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.
              15. I am grateful for all the prosperity in my life.
              16. I attract money easily and effortlessly.
              17. I am surrounded by people who support my financial goals.
              18. My hard work and dedication always pay off.
              19. I am consistently finding new ways to create wealth and prosperity.
              20. I radiate positivity and attract financial prosperity.
              21. My income is constantly increasing.
              22. Financial freedom is within my grasp.
              23. I am prosperous in all areas of my life.
              24. My finances are stable and secure.
              25. I am aligned with the universe's prosperity.
              26. I trust in the process of creating wealth and prosperity.
              27. My financial future is bright and promising.
              28. I am free of all financial worries.
              29. My bank account is overflowing with prosperity.
              30. Prosperity and success follow me wherever I go.
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