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Musical Hypnosis

Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

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Indulge in a celestial journey towards inner peace and serenity with Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music. Our meditative tracks are meticulously tuned to the natural frequency of 432Hz, providing an unparalleled sense of relaxation and harmony for your mind, body, and soul. Let the heavenly melodies guide you towards a deeper state of calmness as you embark on this transformative experience. Whether you seek solace from stress or simply wish to enhance your mindfulness practice, our music offers a sanctuary for everyone seeking spiritual elevation. Allow yourself to be guided by the angels' ethereal voices and immerse yourself in the sublime beauty of Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music today!


1.Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music | 30 Minutes
2.Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music + Audible Affirmations | 30 Minutes
3.Angels Are Singing • 432Hz Meditation Music + Subliminal Affirmations | 30 Minutes


Experience the celestial beauty of Angels Are Singing. 432Hz meditation music featuring angelic vocalizations, dreamy pads, flutes, and a celestial chorus in a cosmic symphony that heals and expands consciousness. This meditative music resonates within us at the cellular level, creating unity among our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It helps release emotional blockages like anxiety and stress while increasing intuition, insightfulness creativity by aligning us with the heartbeat of the planet. Angels Are Singing also soothes our nervous system by releasing serotonin and endorphins which keep blood pressure stable while enhancing self-love capacity expanding compassion as we tune into divine intuition and inner guidance from within ourselves.


Universal Healing Frequency 432Hz

Expands Our Hearts And Our Capacity For Love And Compassion

432Hz is considered a superior frequency that has the power to bring you more in harmony with yourself and nature. The sound waves that 432Hz music produces cause an energetic shift that have a strong positive influence on the mind, body, thoughts and spiritual health of the listener and it fills the mind with feelings of peace and well being, regardless of the kind of music being listened to.

Meditating with 432Hz music releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness to allow us to tune into the divine wisdom of our Soul and the Universe. Tibetan monks tuned their hand instruments and singing bowls to 432Hz.

This special frequency has many mystical associations around our planet and the Universe. It is connected to the numbers used in the construction of sacred places such as The Great Sphinx of Giza, The Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid of The Sun in Mexico, and many other ancient temples.

  • Musical Healing Powers
  • Enhances Self Love
  • Resonates Inside A Person’s Body
  • Expands Consciousness And Creates Unity
  • Expands Our Hearts And Our Capacity For Love And Compassion
  • Increases Intuition, Insight, Mental Clarity And Creativity
  • Releases Emotional Blockages, Anxiety And Stress
  • Helps Release Serotonin And Endorphins And Keeps Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Stable
  • It Aligns Us To The Heartbeat Of The Planet With The Schumann Resonance 8Hz


  1. I am grounded and feel a strong sense of stability.
  2. I am surrounded by love.
  3. I am deeply loved.
  4. My emotional world is balanced and peaceful.
  5. I have the courage to face any challenge that comes my way.
  6. My concentration is increasing day by day, allowing me to accomplish my goals.
  7. My aura is healing and becoming stronger every day.
  8. I radiate positive and vibrant energy from my healthy aura.
  9. I am healthy physically, energetically, emotionally, and karmically.
  10. Meditating heals my body, mind, and spirit.
  11. As I meditate, I feel a sense of deep relaxation flow through me.
  12. Meditation releases tension in my muscles and relieves emotional and physical pain.
  13. With every breath, my aura is strengthened and vibrant.
  14. I release stress with ease, leaving room for peace and tranquility.
  15. My emotional wounds are healing with every passing moment.
  16. My physical body is rejuvenated.
  17. Meditation and affirmations help me heal on every level.
  18. I am worthy of love, respect, and healing.
  19. There is love all around me, and I am loved.
  20. Success comes naturally to me as I focus on my healing.
  21. My inner strength grows with each passing day.
  22. I embrace change and welcome new opportunities for growth.
  23. My mind and body are in perfect harmony.
  24. I am confident and capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
  25. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
  26. I am deserving of happiness and fulfillment.
  27. I am surrounded by positive energy that uplifts and inspires me.
  28. I trust in the universe to guide me towards my highest good.
  29. My heart is open to giving and receiving love.
  30. I am in tune with my intuition and trust my inner guidance.


432Hz meditation music is soothing and healing, it is suitable for use at any time of day.


Imagine yourself surrounded by a symphony of musical healing powers. As the music begins to play, you feel its vibrations resonating within you, enhancing your self-love and expanding your consciousness. The music creates unity and expands your heart, increasing your capacity for love and compassion.

As the music continues to play, you feel your intuition and insight growing stronger, your mental clarity expanding, and your creativity flowing freely. You feel your emotional blockages, anxiety, and stress being released, replaced by a flood of serotonin and endorphins.

As you listen, your blood pressure and heart rate stabilize, aligning you with the heartbeat of the planet. You are filled with divine intuition and inner guidance, knowing that this music will continue to heal and nourish you long after the final note has faded away.

Best Wishes,

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Warner
Angels are singing

I love the music. I have a hard time finding other music. I'm a therapist and coach. Love the products for myself and clients healing. Please assist with music for anxiety and depression. Thank you for emailing.

Gianna Mystic
Angels Are Singing Is Absolutely Beautiful!!!

I am thrilled with this purchase! 'Angels Are Singing' is an absolute gem. The celestial melodies tuned to 432Hz create a profoundly relaxing and beautiful experience. The affirmations are perfect, and the artist's voice is incredibly soothing and serene. I especially love that the track with audible affirmations provides a sanctuary for spiritual elevation. The sound is breathtaking, resonating at a cellular level. It's a must-have for anyone seeking inner peace and serenity. Highly recommended!