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Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

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Introducing “Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" – a transformative auditory experience meticulously designed to accompany you on your journey to post-surgery recovery and profound healing. This extraordinary meditation voyage resonates with the frequencies of deep healing, complemented by the gentle and comforting sound of flowing cleansing water in the background, along with affirmations tailored specifically for the post-surgery phase. Embracing the pure essence of tranquility, this composition aims to support your body's natural healing processes.


Harmonizing 174Hz Frequency: Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of the 174Hz frequency, a cornerstone of "Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations." This frequency is believed to pave the way for profound physical healing, fostering an environment conducive to recovery and comfort after surgery.

Empowering Affirmations: Woven seamlessly into the musical tapestry are affirmations crafted to align with the frequencies and intentions of the post-surgery experience. These affirmations gently encourage your body to embrace the transformative power of recovery and find solace in the healing process.

Journey into Post-Surgery Healing: "Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" serves as a gentle vessel guiding you into the expansive realms of post-surgery relief and recovery. Let the soothing sounds and harmonious frequencies support you as you connect with the innate healing power within, facilitating a smoother transition into a state of comfort and well-being.

Enhanced Recovery: Through resonance with the 174Hz frequency, enhance your post-surgery recovery experience. This audio composition is designed to create a harmonious environment that nurtures your body's innate healing capacities, promoting comfort, ease, and deep physical transformation.

Inner Calm and Serenity: The gentle melodies and the soothing sound of flowing water create a tranquil backdrop for your journey into post-surgery healing. As you listen and meditate, feel the calming embrace of serenity, facilitating a peaceful transition into the realms of profound physical well-being.

Versatility in Post-Surgery Practice: Whether you're well-acquainted with post-surgery recovery or just embarking on your healing journey, "Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" caters to various experience levels. Integrate it seamlessly into your post-surgery wellness routine, enhancing the depth and richness of your recovery process.


    1.Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Audible Affirmations | 30 Minutes

    2.Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Subliminal Affirmations | 30 Minutes


    Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations offers a captivating audio experience that marries traditional meditation music with a modern musical hypnosis style. Flowing cleansing water sounds create a serene atmosphere that complements the resonant frequencies of 174Hz. Crafted to guide you through a transformative journey into post-surgery recovery, this unique creation harmonizes with the empowering energies of 174Hz.

    Celestial harmonies gently elevate your awareness, guiding you beyond the ordinary into the realm of post-surgery relief and healing. The 174Hz frequency acts as a key to unlock the doors to profound physical transformation, inviting you to embrace your inner capacity for healing and relief. The melodies blend seamlessly with resonant frequencies, creating an ethereal experience that mirrors the process of embracing post-surgery comfort and healing.

    "Healing Water • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" invites you to transcend the physical sensations associated with surgery, connecting with the boundless potential for relief within your recovering body. Immerse yourself in the fusion of flowing water sounds and resonant frequencies, allowing your body to thrive as it transcends the boundaries of post-surgery discomfort.


    Solfeggio Healing Frequency 174 Hz Is A Natural Anesthetic, It Relieves Physical And Emotional Pain And Heals The Aura

    174Hz reduces pain physically, energetically, emotionally and karmically. This frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, encouraging them to do their best. This frequency helps in relieving pain as it works like a natural anesthesia.

    • Relieves Back Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Lower Back Pain, Migraine Headaches And Stress
    • Penetrates Brain Tissues Quickly
    • Heal Emotional Wounds
    • Encourages Safety, Love, Courage And A Strong Sense Of Stability
    • Increases Concentration
    • Gives Sense Of Emotional Well Being


            1. My body is strong, and healing comes naturally.
            2. Each day, my surgical wounds are closing, and my body is regenerating.
            3. I trust in the wisdom of my body to heal itself.
            4. Healing energy flows through me, promoting recovery and well-being.
            5. I am surrounded by the love and support of those who care about my healing.
            6. Every breath I take fills me with renewed strength and vitality.
            7. I release fear and embrace the healing power within me.
            8. The pain I feel is temporary; my healing is permanent.
            9. Each moment brings me closer to complete recovery.
            10. I am patient with my body as it heals at its own pace.
            11. I nourish myself with healing thoughts, positive energy, and nutritious foods.
            12. I am resilient, and my body rebounds from surgery with grace.
            13. The scars on my body are a testament to my strength and resilience.
            14. I am surrounded by healing energy that accelerates my recovery.
            15. I am at peace with the healing process, and I trust in its divine timing.
            16. My body is a temple of health, and I treat it with love and care.
            17. My immune system is robust, and it protects me as I heal.
            18. I am grateful for the restorative power of sleep, aiding in my recovery.
            19. Every cell in my body is vibrating with health and vitality.
            20. I am open to receiving healing energy from the universe.
            21. I celebrate the small victories in my healing journey.
            22. My body is a masterpiece, and I am grateful for its ability to heal.
            23. I am surrounded by a healing light that nurtures and restores me.
            24. I choose thoughts that contribute to my healing and well-being.
            25. Each day, I am becoming stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.
            26. My body and mind work together in perfect harmony to restore my well-being.
            27. Every step I take is a step toward complete healing and wellness.
            28. I trust the healing journey, and I am grateful for the progress I make each day.
            29. My body responds positively to love, care, and positive affirmations.
            30. The healing energy within me is a powerful force, guiding me to full recovery.
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