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Musical Hypnosis

Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations

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Introducing "Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations" – a harmonious auditory journey that resonates with the frequencies of profound relief and healing. This exceptional meditation experience will elevate your practice, guiding you through a tranquil fusion of traditional meditation music with a modern musical hypnosis style that includes gentle singing bowls, soothing chimes, and the soothing sound of rejuvenating flowing water in the background. All of this is combined with the comforting resonance of 174Hz frequencies, celestial harmonies, and purposeful affirmations. Immerse yourself in a captivating realm that transcends the usual boundaries of consciousness, allowing you to unlock the remarkable healing power within yourself.

The interplay of 174Hz frequencies and celestial harmonies creates a symphony that vibrates with the essence of pain relief and healing, expanding your awareness and connection to profound physical well-being. Empowering affirmations, seamlessly woven into the music, serve as guiding lights, encouraging you to embrace the boundless potential for healing within your body and discover transformative relief.


Harmonizing 174Hz Frequency: Immerse yourself in the soothing resonance of the 174Hz frequency, a foundational element of Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations. This frequency is closely linked to healing and pain relief. It is believed to open pathways to profound physical healing, enabling you to cultivate a life free from discomfort and discomfort.

Empowering Affirmations: Like beams of healing light piercing through the pain, affirmations within this unique composition illuminate your path toward relief and healing. Meticulously crafted to align with the frequencies and intentions of the experience, these affirmations serve as bridges between your conscious and subconscious mind, inviting you to explore the depths of your inner healing and relief potential.

Journey into Relief and Healing: Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations serves as a vessel that carries you into the expansive realms of relief and healing. This auditory expedition encourages you to transcend the limits of your current physical state, enabling you to connect with the healing power within and the boundless capacity for relief and transformation.

Enhanced Physical Well-being: Through resonance with the 174Hz frequency, you can enhance your physical well-being and experience profound pain relief and healing. This opens doors to comfort, ease, and deep physical transformation. The meditation music and affirmations combine to create a harmonious environment that nurtures these innate healing capacities.

Inner Calm and Serenity: The soothing melodies and resonant frequencies embedded in this composition create a tranquil backdrop for your journey into relief and healing. As you listen and meditate, you're gently guided into a state of inner calm and serenity, facilitating a smoother transition into the realms of profound physical well-being and amplifying the clarity of your experiences.

Versatility in Practice: Whether you're well-versed in the art of pain relief or just embarking on your journey toward healing and comfort, Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations caters to various experience levels. Integrate it seamlessly into your current meditation routine, wellness practices, or dedicated sessions focused on nurturing healing and relief, enhancing the depth and richness of your physical journey.


    1.Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music

    2.Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Audible Affirmations | 30 Minutes

    3.Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Subliminal Affirmations | 30 Minutes


    Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations is a captivating audio experience that combines traditional meditation music with a modern musical hypnosis style, featuring singing bowls and chimes in the background, accompanied by celestial harmonies infused with the resonant frequencies of 174Hz. Crafted to take you on a transformative journey into the realm of profound pain relief and healing, this unique creation is harmonized with the empowering energies of 174Hz.

    Celestial harmonies gently elevate your physical awareness, guiding you beyond the boundaries of ordinary existence and into the realm of relief and healing. At its core, the 174Hz frequency acts as a key to unlock the doors to profound physical transformation, inviting you to uncover your inner capacity for healing and relief. The melodies blend seamlessly with resonant frequencies, creating an ethereal experience that mirrors the process of embracing relief and healing. Empowering affirmations complement the music, illuminating your path toward a pain-free and healed body.

    Pain Relief • 174Hz Meditation Music + Affirmations is an invitation to transcend the confines of ordinary physical sensations, connect with the boundless potential for relief within your body, and explore the depths of profound healing and physical transformation, all while experiencing a soothing auditory journey. Let the fusion of celestial harmonies and resonant frequencies transport you to the realms of pain relief and healing, where your body can thrive and transcend the boundaries of ordinary discomfort.


    Solfeggio Healing Frequency 174 Hz Is A Natural Anesthetic, It Relieves Physical And Emotional Pain And Heals The Aura

    174Hz reduces pain physically, energetically, emotionally and karmically. This frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, encouraging them to do their best. This frequency helps in relieving pain as it works like a natural anesthesia.

    • Relieves Back Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Lower Back Pain, Migraine Headaches And Stress
    • Penetrates Brain Tissues Quickly
    • Heal Emotional Wounds
    • Encourages Safety, Love, Courage And A Strong Sense Of Stability
    • Increases Concentration
    • Gives Sense Of Emotional Well Being


            1. I am releasing physical pain from my body with every breath I take.
            2. I trust in my body's innate ability to heal and restore itself.
            3. I am welcoming comfort and relief into my body with open arms.
            4. I am grateful for the healing energy that flows through me.
            5. I am deserving of a pain-free and healthy body.
            6. I am at peace with my body and the sensations it experiences.
            7. I am nurturing my body with rest and self-care.
            8. I am in control of my body's wellness and actively support it.
            9. I am allowing my body to relax and heal, one moment at a time.
            10. I am releasing physical tension and discomfort with love and compassion.
            11. I am grateful for the power of my body to mend itself.
            12. I am open to receiving healing energy from the universe.
            13. I am filling my body with nourishing foods and positive thoughts.
            14. I am letting go of pain, allowing my body to find ease.
            15. I am becoming stronger and healthier every day.
            16. I am sending love and gratitude to the areas of my body that need healing.
            17. I trust in the wisdom of my body to guide me towards well-being.
            18. I am at peace with my body's unique path to healing.
            19. I am worthy of a pain-free and vibrant life.
            20. I am resilient, and my body can overcome any challenge.
            21. I am embracing a life of increased health and joy.
            22. I deserve a body that is free from pain and discomfort. 
            23. I am aligning with the natural rhythms of my body.
            24. I am focusing on positive thoughts that promote healing.
            25. I am patient with my body as it rejuvenates and heals.
            26. I am a vessel of love and healing energy.
            27. I am releasing stress and tension, allowing balance to return.
            28. I am committed to my well-being, placing self-care as a priority.
            29. I am deeply connected to my body's wisdom and intuition.
            30. I am harnessing the power of healing and positive transformation.
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